Classic car restoration projects

Here at Riversdale Restoration we currently have a number of classic car restoration projects in progress. The following is a summary of some the restoration projects undertaken in recent years. We’re always looking for our next classic restoration project so please get in touch.

Lotus 11 Le Mans series 1
Chevron B8
Lotus 11 series 1
Lotus 7 – Re-panelled
Lotus 11 – Re-panelled

Lotus 7 series 2 Cosworth
Lotus Elite Climax
Lotus Elan Sprint
Lotus 11 – Scuttle & doors
Lotus 61

Caterham 7 crossflow
Lotus Elan +2s
Lotus Europa Special
Lotus 7 – S1
Lotus 7 – Rebuild

Lotus 6
Lotus 11 series 2
Lotus 6 (Barn find)
Lotus Elite S1

Project Gallery

  • Lotus Elite S1<br/>Restoration

    Lotus Elite S1

    Chassis #1139 had been off the road since the mid-1970s following front-end damage. A Series 1 front was sourced…

  • Lotus 61<br/>Rebuild

    Lotus 61

    On-going restoration of this classic Lotus Formula Ford.

  • Lotus 11<br/>Scuttle & Doors

    Lotus 11
    Scuttle & Doors

    This is the finished car from the project Lotus 11 ‘Re-panelling’ (below), it came back to us to replace…

  • Lotus 11<br/>Re-panelled chassis
  • Lotus 7 S1<br/>Rebuild

    Lotus 7 S1

    A full rebuild of this series 1 was undertaken, many of the period/owner modifications were retained including wider rear…

  • Lotus 6<br/>Lost car

    Lotus 6
    Lost car

    Although this Lotus 6 chassis # MkV1-22 was known to the Historic Lotus Register, it had been off the…

  • Lotus 7 S1<br/>French car

    Lotus 7 S1
    French car

    This car was shipped to us from Réunion island, a region of France in the Indian Ocean, east of…

  • Lotus 11<br/>Chassis repair

    Lotus 11
    Chassis repair

    Repairs to this Lotus were undertaken to address chassis distortion and errors in the suspension pick up points.

  • Lotus 7<br/> Series 1 Rebuild

    Lotus 7
    Series 1 Rebuild

    We’re undertaking the total rebuild of this series 1 Lotus 7, including all new panelling.

  • Lotus 11 – Repanelling

    Lotus 11 – Repanelling

    We were commissioned to panel a Lotus 11 chassis to be completed with modern running gear, engine and a…

  • Lotus 11 – S1 (#227)

    Lotus 11 – S1 (#227)

    This series 1 Lotus Eleven was shipped to the USA on the 20th November 1956 on board the Paraguay,…

  • Lotus 6 – (1956 #79)

    Lotus 6 – (1956 #79)

    This Lotus 6 restoration has been particularly special; the car came to us with just 2 previous owners, and…

  • Chevron B8

    Chevron B8

    This Chevron B8 was built by Chevron Cars Ltd in the early 1990s and is one of four road…

  • Lotus Eleven – S1

    Lotus Eleven – S1

    The restoration of this 1956 historic racing car has just been completed in our workshops. The car was originally…

  • Lotus Eleven – Series 2

    Lotus Eleven – Series 2

    This time warp series 2 Lotus Eleven has not turned a wheel in nearly 40 years!

  • Lotus Elite-Series 2

    Lotus Elite-Series 2

    This car has been in storage for many years and is undergoing a complete restoration